With the many making money similar program, we have to be more be selective in determining which program we would follow. Following is products making money program which we can follow because free, realistic, credible and relative easier to be followed whom also including which is not has site or traffic which still a few, that is:

1. Getting Paid to sign up/download a tool bar
Toolbar is a real important tools and very helpfull for user to determine address faster. For example link favorit,search engine, or other menus. A good tool bar, can fulfill desire of user in using internet more easily, fastly, communicate as well as useful things and entertaining.

2. Paid to Read Email
By joining for free you will get paid by advertisers to read emails each day. It only takes a few minutes to read the emails too. Only expect about 5 emails a day. $231 extra cash a month just for reading 20 emails and telling a few friends. No need to stop with nickels and dimes. You can also mint yourself $175 each time you refer a member.

3. Get Paid To Take Surveys And/Or Mystery Shop - Free Ezine
Besides free, this survey accompanied interesting software bonus which can increasing our performance in filling survey, free consumer service ( ad supported) also useful tips-tips internet business and no spam guarantee

4. Get Paid 20 Surf + Create + Share!
There's no catch. And its simple and transparent. Creating and sharing content is something you like to does anyway, like Myspace, YouTube, Blogspot, Delicious, Flickr, Podzinger, Orkut, NetVibes and other similar " social medium" sites, so why is note make money while you're at it?

5. Make money with trading forex
Join free $200 cash bonus. No need to deposit or invest for joining ( 100% Free to join ) . Trading contest with total $10,000 Cash prize.


Blog ? of course all people has recognized it. Each internet user had known and even has owned it. But do you know that to make a blog which is qualified required good knowledge and good computer base technique. Following some important steps of which is better if known to make a blog :

1. Be yourself
Blog which you are create basically is reflect ability from brain and your performance. Your loyal readers will keep coming back to hear what you have to say. People don't read blogs simply to get the news. They could read a newspaper for news reports. Instead, people read blogs to get bloggers' opinions on the news, the world, life and more. Don't blog like a reporter. Blog like you're having a conversation with each of your readers

2. Focus to target and goals
Specifies before what which isn't it we debate and purpose of what which wish to reached with. Advantage from a blog is inexistence of demarcation in determining matter. Anything can be presented. What limits it ethics from every blogger. Make a good content with a kind of good vision which interest everyone to joint with.

3. Dynamic and consistent
Always presents matter posting matching with theme and always presents interesting new posting. If you wish to make a new content differing from the blog theme, better of you makes a new blog again to avoid inconsistently theme which have been specified before. Let a readers freedom to give comment so that blog which we are create will seen dynamic. We don't suffer decease liver if there is comment - unfavourable comment. Exactly this thing will make our blog more lifely and will make other reader to give comment so that blog we would be crowded are visited.

4. Accomodates between matters and appearance
Must have a similiar between matters selected with appearance from blog itself. For example if we choose matter blog about military presenting assorted of military accessories and green display colours. Don’t take an motorcycles accessories to army applies.

5. Socialization
You must often visit other blog and gives comment to that content. This thing will invite owner of blog will visit your blog. Create some link with source of matching with matter blog and joins with community blog which there’s as supporting facilities for effective promotion and mind conversion .

6. Learning and learning
Though you has mastered technique of blog, don’t event think satisfied for what we have done because the internet changes quickly. To developing your blog, do some experiment with new interesting comment and always observes every development of either from blogosphere and also community - other blog community so that blog which we are create always update.


To make blog as source of money which is easy and quickly, things which we must be optimal is:

1. Quality of content from our blog; its(the intention before we make blog we must focus at matter which we would present also composition which we would present to draw visitor.

2. Before we publish our blog, be better if we make/insert html code to make metatag title with facility metatag builder,description and keyword from our blog. This thing to be more facilitates crawler to do analysis from content which we have made is have been good enough or has not to increase rating our blog.

3. Besides promote in good online with website,newsletter email, it is better we also does promotion in print media, brochure which we circularize in campus, office, and others.


We all has known before all that business through the internet more prospectively is compared to ordinary conventional business of people does like transaction of ordinary sales in shop, market, galeri, etc. This business of course we can make as online business, transaction happened is done in transfer of continued with delivery of goods after happened agreement. Of course this is profiting online business.

But there are one basic questions, does you have enough moneys to provide a number of goodses which we offer ?

The question is experience of myself. I thirst for online business but doesn't have enough moneys to buy goods which able to be sold in my site.

Then how ?

INFORMATION ! Yes, cheapest online product is sell information. Any information we can sell because basically everyone always need information. There are some advantage we sell information in internet :

1. Doesn't require big cost, enough with reading assorted of book, magazine, literature, catalogue, either in bookstore, and also in internet and focus at information topic which will be sold.

2. Information product is endless product and continuant. Do not know expired, and always keep abreast of era.

3. Doesn't require office or house as place of production.

4. Can be implemented any time and where only.]

It's the moment you tries…………


Basicly, every netter (work at home) want to have some money from online business. The problem is, there are a lot of site offer us how to make it., and all of that makes us so confuse which one should we choose.

For beginner (like me too), following step maybe can help you to guide with :
1. First of all, you have to looking for free and easy money making program. Except that don’t have any risk to us, we can use for exercising. Choose site which have complete tutorial and guidelines.
2. Try to create a site / blog. You should create that because that is important to promote your product or information and beside that we get some money from online business. Pick some easy site to follow, for example
3. Choose free and easy to follow money making program which we will use that as our money machine. For suggestion, choose program which offer pay per click like google adsense, pay per post or free affiliate program like amazon affiliate. You can choose all of them in the same time.
4. If that program already earn money for you, start to spend half of that money or less to follow another money making program. Consider it as your future investment. Pick some credible program which a lot of people use that and has been proved can earn a lot of money for you. Most people use affiliate program and forex online trading as another money machine.
5. Now after you earn a lot of money from all of that, don’t stop until here. You should develop and expand your site / blog, make a networking and business community which can share each other to making money together.


In starting a business, often we given on to some strategies, business planning, budget, even making of web through service professional which often makes confused. Desire for soon starts business by spend alot of money without matured calculations is mistake that somebody often do.

There are some other mistake of which must be avoided :

1. Imitates business type which have been succeeding ;

Of course we able to imitate business type which have been succeeding, by reason that the product has been recognized by many people. On the condition, we must have advantage value / differensiation so that consumer will interest to buy our product. For example we open service to clean clothes which calculated not based on per item but based on volume ( kilogram) clothes / item which will be cleaned.

2. Sells product in improperly place ;

We often sell a certain product in location which is totally there is no relationship either with the market and consumer. Maybe we hope that we can get some buyers in that place. Such as we sell computer in food court.

3. Sells only one product permanently

Often if a product have been received by consumer and a lot people use / buy that product, producer feels have been succeeding and dozing the success to without following abreast of requirement and consumer appetite. We must always following and concerning about development of market so that goods which we sell always updated and received by market.


Question like that, I felt first time I recognize internet. I thought time first when access it, internet at the most simply information source " ordinary", just for reading news, program download, and articles draws other. At that time I didn't know if internet can apply to take a lot of money.

How come internet thus source of money?

Internet is information warehouse of giant that is likely no and will not there are ending. Every when information there will always be new required and ready to be dined public in world cleft it doesn't matter - unlimited by space & time.

INFORMATION.... yes that is gotten by me from internet. This information searched and got millions of people internet users in the world. Can't imagine how an awful of this opportunity could yield a lot of money?


Yes..That's right! with having business. But before having business we must know surely the followings:

1. what's Product ( goods or service) which at most wanted by the internet consumers?

2. What's information which at most required and consumed by the internet consumers?

3. What's things at most making lazy people and fear to start having business online?

4.Peripheral and business supporter system any kind of required by online entrepreneur to start the business.

5.What's marketing system of this online designed and worked for draws as much as possible buyer?

6.Does the online business has service which good to guarantying quality of product what sold has pawn?

Online business what can answer question which most all people feels and questions it? We must really selective chooses it. Product searching matching with your desire and really can answer question and worry of us. Around 3 last month of, I also still looking and asking around about this online business, enunciated new comer in internet world.